Prodigal Son

I admit it and am not proud of it in so many ways.
But I am extremely happy to be home with Christ.
I was raised Lutheran, attended 2nd through 8th grades in a one room school in the basement of the church (we actually had k through 8th in the one room).
After 8th grade, I rebelled for many years then met and married my wife and attended church with her but had issues with some of the teachings of the pastor at that time.
I was still a literalist, having been raised as one it was a difficult time for me. I delved into online studies from various christian organizations and attended an online seminary of a branch of Lutheranism.
I needed to write a paper on a subject of my chosing and I started out to do it on alternative religions such as satanism, rosicrutionism, bahi, wicca, golden dawn among others. My paper was going to be way to long so I narrowed it down to approx 40 pages on wicca.
The paper was used as the basis for a class for the seminary and I was listed as a teacher of the seminary.
I never felt right about it, there was something missing, I continued my various studies basically rejecting christianity and most other religions for a variety of reasons.
When I stumbled upon Christian Universalism it seemed right but the thought was difficult to put in with my old literalist ways.
I continued my search to know God through various readings and yes about Universal Salvation through Christ.
So this prodigal son has returned home to Christ, whose LOVE and ALL atoning sacrifice has saved me.



We ask why about so many things, many of those questions are asked about God.

Questions as to why does God allow this or that to occur if He truly loves us, why did Christ die to save us etc, the list goes on.

Many of these questions we won’t know the answer until we die. I certainly don’t have all the answers.

But what I do know is God has stated that it is His wish that ALL be saved and to believe He can’t fulfill His wish is like doubting in Gods ultimate power and LOVE!

As this blog goes forward, I look forward to questions, differing dialog etc. I just ask that things be kept respectful, on my end as well as yours.

There will be many topics to discuss, versions of the Bible, early Christian beliefs, Roman influences in the Christian belief system to name but a few.

I look forward to this journey, please come along for the ride.